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What We Do?

Trends.Net, Inc. is a provider of training for Information Technology and for Management Professionals. The best technologies backed up competent professionals and wide-ranging hands-on training courses featuring proprietary curriculum as well as content from leading vendors. This means TNET is a world-class Training Centre.


In our quest to always bring the best training to our customers, all TrendsNet instructors are vendor-certified with tremendous experience based on actual production solutions. When not delivering training, TrendsNet instructor can be found at customer sites implementing real world solutions, with the latest technology and architecture.


TrendsNet has invested significantly in its facilities aim to furnish the industry with the latest IT equipment to simulate actual production environment for effective learning.

Quality Standards

Trends.Net is an authorized Registered Education Provider which adheres to specific quality standards in order to maintain Authorized Training Organization Accreditation. We maintain and provide all leading global project management certifications to ensure we offer you the best solution.



A team of experienced and expert instructors, professionally developed to instruct, coach and teach.



Our modules contain multitude of contents that consists of practical approaches, tools and methods, relevant industry standards, extensive industry research and incorporation of personal experience from the field


Participant Materials

Participants will receive course materials consisting of a comprehensive workshop manual plus case studies and assignments (as appropriate). All assignments are supported by the facilitator at all times and when completed, provide a further practical reference after the course.



We utilize a wide range of education delivery approaches to maximize the learning opportunity.


Key learning approaches during course delivery include:

  • Instruction and discussion of course content following a logical and practical flow to encourage ease of association.
  • Facilitator-led examples of professional experiences to reinforce course content.
  • Facilitator-led discussions of participant experiences.
  • Facilitator-led discussions into principles, discussing what they are and allowing participants to identify the impact they have on the process.


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